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A fashion editor friend of mine has just introduced me to the how-to style videos of the luminous Wendy Nguyen of Wendy’s Look Book. (My friend claims that ’25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes‘ has changed her life.)

Wendy’s Look Book video ‘How to Walk in Heels & Stilettos’ caught my eye and its information is every bit as relevant as it was when she first posted it three years ago. As beautiful as stilettos are, the one thing that can ruin the whole impression is lurching along awkwardly or looking like you’re going to take a big spill. Wendy’s invaluable instructions herein teach how to shop, walk and practice, practice, practice on those heels.

‘How to Walk in Heels’

’25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes’

On a similar note, page 200 of April 2014 issue of Allure magazine has some excellent advice on negotiating heels by podiatrist Hillary Brenner called ‘Sole Survivors’ (a very popular title when writing about shoes btw.)

Four-inch stilettos are hot. Wobbling, grimacing, and going home because you cannot bear on more minute is not. We talked to podiatrist Hillary Brenner (who owns heels) about how to wear heels without misery.

  • Build up your tolerance with foot exercises. “Strengthen the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your feet by picking up a towel with your toes a few times each morning or night. Once they’re strong, your shoes won’t hurt so much, and you can prevent problems like hip, knee, and back pain.”
  • Keep your heels to two inches or less. Or look for three- or four-inch heels with “platforms under the toes to minimize pressure on the balls of the feet,” says Brenner. And try not to walk or stand on them for more than two hours at a time to decrease stress on your body. The wider the heels are, the more comfortable the shoes will be.
  • Make any shoes comfortable. Ideally, your fanciest shoes have chunky, one-inch heels, cushiony supports under the toes, rubber soles that bend easily, and sturdy arch supports. OK, you can stop laughing. Here’s what you can do instead: Get orthotic inserts with arch support that are made for heels, says Brenner, who likes PediFix Arch Bandage, Foot Petals Amazing Arches, and PediFix Pedi-Gel Arch Pads.
  • Buy shoes a half size too big. The goal is to alleviate bunions (ick), which are hereditary but are exacerbated when your toes are squeezed together. If you tend to slide out of shoes that are too big, choose ones that have rounded toes, or are made of soft leather.

Neither Heel No Pain/Active nor Heel No Pain/Style by Biochemistry are intended as a substitute for medical treatment. Heel No Pain/Active and Heel No Pain/Style are non-prescription products for the temporary relief of discomfort in the feet. If pain is chronic, follows an injury or lasts for more than three days without ceasing, see an appropriate physician or health care professional.

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