The Ultimate Callus Killer Program

If you wear shoes, you’ve had calluses. And if you wear high heels, you probably have a lot of them along with dry, cracked heels. Yet, calluses and cracked heels are the last thing you want to show off during sandal weather. Drastic measures must ensue.

I’ve enlisted the help of a beauty editor friend of mine to devise the be-all-and-end-all foot smoothing regimen that’ll turn your ugly old dogs into camera-ready twinkle toes. She warns that her whole program takes time, some investment and real commitment but says that total foot redemption is possible if you put your mind to it.

One word of warning however; this is an extremely rigorous series of steps so if you have open sores on your feet or have diabetic foot problems, you’re going to want to clear this with your doctor before you proceed. Another caution too; this regimen will make the bottoms of your feet so smooth that they may feel dangerously slick on tiles of your shower. Take extra care so you don’t slip and fall.

Feel free have professional pedicures often as you like except for the first 5 days of peeling stage of Step 1.

I’m giving you links for easy reference but you can find these products online and in stores pretty easily.

Step 1 – Baby Foot Original Exfoliant Foot Peel

These are glycolic acid-filled plastic booties from Japan that you wear for an hour and that deliver simply remarkable results. Before starting, soak your feet in warm water for 20 minutes before you start. Follow the directions from there. At first, nothing will happen. Then about a week later, the dry, callused and dry skin will start coming off in shards. Have your Dust Buster near by because you’re going to be shedding like a snake.

Step 2 – Dr. Scholl’s Blister Treatment (have at least 3 or 4 boxes on hand)

Once most of the skin has peeled away – probably after about 10 days – cover any area that is still callused (ball of the foot, side of the foot) or dry and cracked (the heels) with one or more these blister cushions. They won’t fit very neatly and you may have to overlap them. Leave them on for 3 to 4 days, all day, every day, including in the shower or while bathing, without removing them no matter what. The pads are going to start looking pretty thrashed but that’s OK and to be expected. If one falls off, replace it immediately.

Step 3 – Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation Kit

Remove the Dr. Scholl’s blister cushions and immediately begin the Clarisonic Pedi regimen according to directions. This will be your foot beauty maintenance program from now on. If you still have stubborn callused areas, apply the Dr. Scholl’s blister cushions again and leave them on for 3-day intervals as before.

Step 4 – Gel insertsInvest in gel inserts or insoles to lift callused-prone areas in every shoe that you wear more than once a month. This will help prevent new calluses from forming.

Step 5 – Sheepskin liningsGoing barefoot or wearing flip flops nonstop are efficient, one way tickets to gnarly, cracked heels. To prevent this and keep the newly smooth smooth, when you’re lounging around at home, always wear slippers or shoes lined with sheepskin (which contains traces of hydrating lanolin).

This whole routine will take about a month. If necessary, you can repeat the whole thing again if you like.

Neither Heel No Pain/Active nor Heel No Pain/Style by Biochemistry are intended as a substitute for medical treatment. Heel No Pain/Active and Heel No Pain/Style are non-prescription products for the temporary relief of discomfort in the feet. If pain is chronic, follows an injury or lasts for more than three days without ceasing, see an appropriate physician or health care professional.

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