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When we started this blog a few postings ago, we weren’t sure how much there really was to say about the place where shoe lust meets foot pain. But we were determined to try. Well, we needn’t have worried because there seems no end to relevant coverage in the press. And we must say we’re pretty pleased to be in the right place at the right time. (Right at your feet, that is.)

Jimmu Choo Plays Up Comfort
Women’s Wear Daily • Friday, February 21, 2014
Samantha Conti of Women’s Wear Daily broke the news that haute footwear house of Jimmy Choo launched its Choo.08° collection in Milan. This new line features comfortable and sporty styles of footwear including heels that are more practical than the brand’s typical stilettos but with all the fashion potency of the parent company.

If you’re going be in London in April, check out Selfridges’ launch of the Choo.08° pop-up featuring its practical skater shoes, tuxedo pumps, rocker boots and sneakers that shoe obsessives everywhere will be snapping up as soon as they hit the pavement.

High-Heel Hiatus
Vogue magazine • March 2014 • Page 487

The trenchant Laura Regensdorf has written the definitive must-read shoe trend piece of the season. The big shoe word now is that – oh the fashion pendulum swings yet again – what had gone up to celestial levels (high, high heels) are now coming back down to earth. Make no mistake here, no is saying that modern fashionistas are suddenly running around looking like sneaker-shod socker moms. Rather, designers and style prioritizers have been devoting themselves to bringing out the beauty of the high-heel-free to cries of joy and relief. Any follower of footwear will most definitely benefit on learning to negotiate this brave new world where high fashion embraces low shoes.

How to Make Your High Heels Comfortable
Allure magazine • March 2014 • Page 126
Here David Mesquita, co-owner of the upscale leather-goods repair service in New York City, offers up a handful of handy and practical tips. We agree with them all with one subjective addendum and that is to keep a bottle of ‘Heel No Pain’ spray on hand for those bad shoe days. On the same page, there’s also an item about Paul Andrew, a shoe designer producing ultra-glam high heels that are as comfortable as they are gorgeous. And that is ‘very’.

Couture Kicks
Harper’s Bazaar magazine • April 2014 • Page 170
As we posted awhile back, the fashion trades were ablaze with pix of sneakers paired with eveningwear on the runway at the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week (Spring/Summer 2014 collections) in January. Now Chanel Haute Couture and Dior Haute Couture trainers are jumping onto the pages of the glossies too.

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