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Dr. Haworth’s Revolutionary ‘Heel No Pain’ – Featured on Runwaylive.com

Dr. Haworth’s Revolutionary ‘Heel No Pain’ By Mandi Pimental
Recently featured on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, GLAMOUR Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter and The Daily Mail, high heel pain is now a thing of the past no matter how high ones towering heels are thanks to red carpet ready Heel No Pain/Style by Biochemistry which was developed by esteemed plastic surgeon, Dr. Randal Haworth. Continue reading
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Erasing Age, One (New) Step at a Time

The Hollywood Reporter Magazine

The Hollywood Reporter Erasing Age, One (New) Step at a Time November 22, 2013

To combat “necklace lines,” peau d’orange (orange-peel skin) and other only-in-L.A. ailments, A-listers are calling on specialists with very specific skills By Merle Ginsberg photo-reporterWhen it comes to the hard work of getting beautiful, what’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good for the gander. A cosmetic filler for under eyes isn’t best for around the lips. A hydrating facial won’t fix sun damage. And a volumizing hair treatment shouldn’t follow hair coloring. Honing in on specific areas and problems is the new frontier it beauty. It’s serious strategizing – and each area comes with its own Hollywood expert. Continue reading
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