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Heel No Pain,’ Foot-Numbing Spray, Eliminates High Heel Aches

‘Heel No Pain,’ Foot-Numbing Spray, Eliminates High Heel Aches: Lidocaine HCl Deadens Foot Pain For Up To 3 Hours By Lizette Borreli December 18th 2013 photo-medical-dailyLadies may now be able to comfortably wear their highest high heels without experiencing the often dreaded and much anticipated foot pain. The newest option for dealing with the discomfort may even allow women to ditch the pair of ballet flats in their pocketbooks. It's called Heel No Pain/Style, an FDA-approved foot numbing spray that claims to alleviate high heel aches for up to three hours. Dr. Randal Haworth, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and developer of the spray, may have revolutionized how women wear high heels. Continue reading
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