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Heel No Pain by Biochemistry™ Featured in Runway Magazine

Created by renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr Haworth, Biochemistry’s Heel no Pain is a product that works by soothing the pain transmitting nerves on the feet. Specifically designed to relieve foot pain, this numbing spray is perfect for us fashionistas who love to wear stylish, yet sometimes uncomfortable, footwear. This spray is perfect for relieving sore muscle tension, and is available in two different sprays, one for active use and one for style. Continue reading
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Heel No Pain was an exclusive sponsor of “A Taste of AJWS.”

Heel No Pain was an exclusive sponsor of “A Taste of AJWS.” AJWS works to realize human rights and end poverty in the developing world. Heel No Pain was chosen to be featured in the celebrity nominee and presenters gift bags going to top names in the industry including Selena Gomez, Emma Roberts, Demi Lovato, Cameron Diaz and Taylor Swift. Continue reading
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Q&A with Dr. Randal Haworth – Answers.com

You've been quoted saying, "My philosophy is that in plastic surgery there are doctors who have become artists and artists who have become doctors. I count myself among the latter." Why do you consider yourself an artist first? Both visual artists and surgeons have superb hand-eye coordination with the vision - both literally in the sense of seeing and figuratively in the sense of envisioning an end result - providing the navigation. Even with my extensive experience and knowledge of anatomy as guides, my first concern is to deliver an aesthetically pleasing, natural looking result. Continue reading
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No More High Heel Pain? – ABC 13 News – Featuring Heel no Pain By Biochemistry

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Used with Very High Stiletto’s for My Wedding

"I purchased the Heel No Pain spray to use on my wedding day to hopefully extend the time I could be in my heels as they were sky high and I am normally in running shoes... I think it did help prolong my time with the heels. I am realistic... I did not expect to be able to wear the heels all night with no pain from the spray but I think for someone who is moderately used to wearing heels that this definitely could get you through the whole night. It did make my foot a little sticky, which actually helped keep my foot where I wanted it in my shoe." - Letisha E Leach
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Great spray for girls who love nice shoes!

"Great spray to use before going out or if you have to work all day, must let it dry which takes a couple minutes but it definitely helps with pain! Lidocaine inside is great at numbing, it last for at least a couple hours and is small enough to just throw in your bag! Definitely recommending to all of my girls!" -D Nicole
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I Would Recommend this Product!

"Great product if you know you'll be on your feet for long periods of time. It can easily fit in my purse. I would recommend this product!" - Shaelynn Riddle
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This stuff is Awesome!

"This stuff is awesome! I have real bad heel pain & am on my feet all day at work. I spray this on my heels before slipping on my shoes and am pain free for several hours. I can actually do my job without having to take a break!" - NewSel
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Able to Dance all Night in Heels with a Few Sprays of Heel No Pain

"I have had problems with wearing high heels for years as a result of traveling for my job. this created many foot problems. I have tried many products and biochemistry has been the only one that has helped! I recently attended a wedding and was able to dance all night in heels with a few sprays of heel no pain" - Sandra
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BiteSizeTv.com – Dr. Haworth appears on “The Girl Spot”

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