Stiletto Patrol

Now that foot pain is on my radar, it seems to pop up everywhere. This week in the media it was pretty high heel-intensive to say the least.

Stars on top
The first item that ran in People Awards Season Special February 2014 is right out of the Heel No Pain playbook. The article, “We Walked in Their Shoes”, had their editors try on the favorite shoe designers of nine top celebrities (Ruthie Davis worn by Sofia Vergara, Stuart Weitzman worn by Diane Kruger, Nicholas Kirkwood worn by Lupita Nyong’o etc. etc.) and report the results. All nine styles were pronounced beautiful but, alas, all but two left something to be desired in the comfort department.

What was missing from the picture, of course, was a quick spritz of Heel No Pain/Style that could keep these ladies on their toes longer and easier. This Oscar season, beauty without compromise is an attainable goal, at least for a few hours.

Sole survivor
The next item was sent to me by a friend from the 15 February 2014 UK edition of THE WEEK which itself had excerpted ‘How to Wear High Heels’ from the Daily Mail piece ‘How to Survive in High Heels’ that ran in January. In the article, Mary Helvin, who was a top British model in the 1960s alongside Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy – and who is still, for the record, quite lovely – gives her practical and invaluable advice on negotiating stiletto challenges.

Read all about it: How to Survive in High Heels

Amusing company
Check out this funny (and relevant) cartoon by Peter Arkle in the March 2014 issue of Fast Company.

Why your Best isn’t the Best

Neither Heel No Pain/Active nor Heel No Pain/Style by Biochemistry are intended as a substitute for medical treatment. Heel No Pain/Active and Heel No Pain/Style are non-prescription products for the temporary relief of discomfort in the feet. If pain is chronic, follows an injury or lasts for more than three days without ceasing, see an appropriate physician or health care professional.

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