Manolo Meets the Polar Vortex

A friend in the fashion business sent me a clip from the February 10 edition of Women’s Wear Daily entitled “Manolo’s Sunday in New York.” When asked his advice about what shoes to wear during the storms that have hammered the East Coast and Midwest lately, Manolo Blahnik advised, “Get up and put on your Timberlands or L.L. Beans.”

In other words and straight from the stiletto maestro himself, don’t be a fashion victim. Be sensible and shod yourself to suit the environment or occasion. As splendid as they are, a daily diet of stilettos is not the best idea for your image, your foot health or your sanity either. Try to cycle through a variety of different shoes and heel heights in a given week. And then when you slip into your party shoes, you can always take comfort in a little Heel No Pain/Style if the going gets a little pinchy.

Neither Heel No Pain/Active nor Heel No Pain/Style by Biochemistry are intended as a substitute for medical treatment. Heel No Pain/Active and Heel No Pain/Style are non-prescription products for the temporary relief of discomfort in the feet. If pain is chronic, follows an injury or lasts for more than three days without ceasing, see an appropriate physician or health care professional.

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