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Finally an answer to High Heel Pain!
By: BR Fiona

It’s summer, there are Christmas parties and then of course New Year’s eve parties providing the most PERFECT opportunities to wear those strappy, glittery, sparkly, sexy, gorgeous…..ok ok enough adjectives, it’s the perfect opportunity to wear those strappy high heels. If your feet are anything like ours then they probably start sweating and panicking at the thought of long hours of partying in pain! However, a creative plastic surgeon has come up with an answer, albeit a temporary solution – foot numbing spray.

Heel No Pain is a spray which you apply to your feet just before you head out the door to provide you with pain free high heel wearing for up to 3 hours. Containing lidocaine HCI (commonly dispensed by dentists and doctors) this product numbs the nerves that send the pain signals to your brain. While using this product doesn’t lessen the other side effects of constant high heel use, such as corns, bunions, and back pain it does, however, allow you to get through the New Years parties without hobbling around in pain.

So tempted? Or are you still going to stick to those flats?

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