Spray the Pain Away with Heel No Pain: Active & Style

Lose the Pain, Win the Game.

Your sore feet can now walk easier with Biochemistry’s™ temporary foot-numbing spray. Renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Haworth, developed his product idea for the athletically apt,

Heel No Pain /Active and the stiletto-wearing fashionista, Heel No Pain / Style.

The active ingredient, lidocaine HCl, soothes the pain-transmitting nerves of the feet. Heel No Pain’s expertly formulated spray offers the strongest over-the-counter concentration that is safely and efficiently absorbed into the thicker skin layers of the foot to provide maximum pain relief.

Style One, Pain None

Both sprays are available in a 2oz size and a 1oz travel size for purse or gym bag.

- See more at: http://biochemistry.la/home/#sthash.gFt5ZUpk.dpuf

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