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Erasing Age, One (New) Step at a Time

The Hollywood Reporter Magazine

The Hollywood Reporter Erasing Age, One (New) Step at a Time November 22, 2013

To combat “necklace lines,” peau d’orange (orange-peel skin) and other only-in-L.A. ailments, A-listers are calling on specialists with very specific skills By Merle Ginsberg photo-reporterWhen it comes to the hard work of getting beautiful, what’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good for the gander. A cosmetic filler for under eyes isn’t best for around the lips. A hydrating facial won’t fix sun damage. And a volumizing hair treatment shouldn’t follow hair coloring. Honing in on specific areas and problems is the new frontier it beauty. It’s serious strategizing – and each area comes with its own Hollywood expert. Continue reading
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