About Biochemistry

Biochemistry™ by Dr. Haworth is an ingenious, solutions-oriented company offering fast clever fixes to life’s little problems. Founded in 2013 by noted Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Randal D. Haworth, MD, FACS, to develop his favorite lightbulb moments into viable retail products that include Heel No Pain / Style and Heel No Pain / Active.

About Dr. Haworth

Dr. Haworth

Before becoming a plastic surgeon, Dr. Haworth gained extensive experience as a chief resident in general and trauma surgery at Cornell. He garnered a detailed knowledge about pain and how to control it both in the hospital and out. 

Being an athlete himself, Dr. Haworth instinctively knew that these topical over-the-counter remedies were falling short of their stated goals. This is why he parlayed his knowledge and background into an entirely new product to help people throughout the world.

The results of his endeavors have converged into Biochemistry™ Heel No Pain, an entirely new and effective way to manage pain and discomfort of the foot. Style effectively controls pain associated with fashion footwear. Active minimizes the pain associated with athletics, whether it be cycling, snowboarding or running.

  • Glamour Magazine
    "For die-hard heel wearers..."
  • The Daily Mail
    "Set to revolutionize how women wear stilettos"
  • The Hollywood Reporter
    "the perfect antidote for going day into night with high heels."